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The Hidden Woman

My eyes meet your eyes

An effortless pull brings you to me

My voice enters your body

It flows like venom through your veins

Lust blinds you ever so slowly

Hunger emerges from your soul

My breath intoxicates your senses

Everything you once knew vanishes

Fear creeps through your spine

You hesitate unaware of my meaning

I am both your duty and desire

My touch makes you surrender

You never stood a chance

Self control seizes to exist

You gave into my power

Just like I knew you would

You lost the battle and the war

You are mine forever.



When is it really okay to start pet names in a relationship?

I was asking myself this question when I received a text from this guy I am “sort of” with, this is what he said: “Good point. Goodnight munchkin.”

I do not know why after reading this text I got this gagging feeling in my throat.  First of all I am NOT some snack from Dunkin Donuts, second of all am I fat that he has to come up with that nickname? We had only been together a few months; he is not even my boyfriend. To me, pet names have always taken the relationship to the next level.

Then I started thinking, what is a good pet name? Honey, baby, sweetie, sweetie pie, honey bunches of oats, squirrel, flower, and the list goes on forever. I do not care if it is good or not, there should be specific time to cross that line, maybe sit down and have a conversation about what is appropriate. Then, tell your significant other when he is able to use such nickname.

I gave a guy my number and two seconds later, he was already calling me “sweetheart.” That right there was a deal breaker. I do not know if it just me that thinks this way.  Per names can be embarrassing and should only be used when both parties have a non spoken agreement, better yet SPOKEN agreement on when to start with the names.

When do you think it is okay to start using pet names? What is the most embarrassing one you have heard?

Thanks a lot BABIES (gagging sound) !!


A Little Tip To Make You Happy :)

I have been a little down lately and have been searching for the things that make me happy.  I was walking down the hallway of my school when I noticed a girl wearing an ugly ass sweater.  Then, I thought to myself, wow thank god I don’t have that sweater and it made me feel tres bon. I was looking at things that made others look bad, not only did it give me a confidence boost, it also made me a little bit happier.

So just for you here is a tip:

When you are feeling down look at something that makes someone else look bad, and be happy that you are not that person.

And when you become jolly and happy, look at that poor person and compliment them on something, who knows maybe he or she is also having a downer kind of day… Hence, why else would you wear an ugly sweater.

Till next time


A Masochist In The Making?


                Life has been driving me crazy lately.  The decisions I have been making are causing me to lose more and more people in my life. I do not know why I cannot control myself lately, it is like something has come over me taking over the actual me that I use to know.  I am driven more by desires lately than duty.  I thought that desire is what makes one happy and it is supposed to be what one wants to do over what we ought to do.  I have always lived my life making the correct choices and now I am on a completely different journey. My desires are begging me to change, to live differently; and as much as I want to stop my crazy decisions, I am addicted by own body’s masochistic ways.  I do things that cause me a great deal of pain and I cannot seem to stray away from the pain in my life.  Am I a masochist? Someone at work told me I was and I did not want to believe him until now.  Why is pain so addicting lately? Pain is reality that hits over and over again and I want to engulf in its taste.  My insides are thirsting for something that I do not know, my desires are clouding my judgments and are taking me on crazy rides.  I am not this person, I am not this demon getting taken over every single day. Damn it. I hate it so much, but am so intrigued by this person inside of me. Who is she  and where did she come from? I like her in a way, she is different and sexy and dangerous.  I cannot wait to see where she takes me.  A dangerous ride that I am stepping on and not planning on getting off, at least for a little while.


Introducing Layla Clark

Nice to meet you!

If you were to see a person on the street talking to themselves, would you think he or she was crazy? I talk to myself more than I talk to anyone on the planet.  The conversations I share with my own self seem never ending and always leave me begging for more. I want to learn about the person who is stuck within my flesh, I want to learn about why she is the way she is. I feel so lost sometimes, wondering through my thoughts and feelings.  I want to know the meaning of disappointment and why it leaves an aching in my stomach. I want to know what is out there, beyond the world people view as reality.  I want to know why there is something in me ready to break free, this hidden knowledge that lies within my flesh, knowledge that will somehow feed me the truth. Truth about what? I do not know, all I know is that I WANT TO KNOW! I am screaming on the inside, there exists a volcano inside my mind ready to erupt and share its insides with me.  I feel it rumbling every day; every time a thought creeps into my  mind, every empty ache I feel in the pit of my stomach.

My problem is that I do not want to find the answer in someone’s else’s thoughts, I want to find them within me. I know there is so much to learn about me and my way of thinking; my way of expressing myself and the way I am around other people.  I am crazy, probably the craziest person I know.  I am no longer afraid of my choices, but ready to share and express my actions.  My journey is so curved and so unexpected that I am always waiting for the next disaster to strike my life and leave me broken; broken so that I may pick up the pieces and start again.  I want to let you know that I am not angry when something unexpected occurs in my life, I always look at it as a learning experience (cliché, I know, but it’s only the truth). Every time I start over I find a piece to my puzzle, and every time I get a new piece I get a centimeter closer to who I really am.  I cannot wait to let you into my life and I hope that you may share parts of your life with me.