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When Does A Parent Give Up On His Child? Is It Possible Or Does Love Conquer All?

        What does it mean to give up on a child? Is it possible to stop caring about your child and watch him ruin his life? These are some questions I have been asking myself all day. My sister is not your typical teen who gets into trouble here and there, it is almost as if trouble follows her wherever she goes; whether she gets caught driving at an early age by the police or gets caught drinking in an abandoned house when she was in middle school.   My parents have had to see my sister grow into a beautiful woman whom I love with all my heart. She is so special and so different than any other human being on this planet, she has a certain spark that makes any person she encounters fall under a spell; especially my parents.

          They have had to pick her up from the police station multiple times, they have had to see her go to the hospital from drinking too much.  She has gotten caught shop lifting, it is a list that keeps on growing; not in a good way.  I have seen my mother cry over her, my father tear up at her actions, but I have never seen them turn their back on my sister. Today, once again, she was caught drinking at school and is now suspended for three days.  My mom called me crying, no longer knowing what to do. I stayed on the phone with her and told her to go home and give my sister a big hug and kiss, to tell her that she loves her with all her heart. I reminded her how lucky she is to have my sister in her life, that she is alive and healthy.

          Teens make so many mistakes and some of them lose their lives over their mistakes. My sister is at home, maybe crying, but she is alive.  I am not a parent and not even close to becoming one, but if you are a parent I want to remind you that if your child does something to hurt you or himself, you need to know that you are so lucky to have that child in your life.  So many parents are not able to hold their children and tell them they love them. I cannot find a reason for why a parent would give up on their child.  I feel that if a parent says he is giving up, it is just a cover, for that parent knows exactly what he or she is doing.

          My mother may be hurt right now, but I know she is getting home and holding my sister this very moment, one never knows when life ends, so why waste it with tears? I know I will never find a concrete answer for why some parents give up on their children, maybe they lose hope and all will is lost; or maybe they are so lost trying to find an answer they lose sight of their children.  My parents will never stop fighting for my sister and neither will I. I know one day we will all look at these hard times and maybe share a laugh, but right now I know there is so much work to be done.

         Live your life for today with your child. Hold them tight and tighter and cry together because you only have that one moment; share laughter and love.  It is so easy to get caught up in anger, take the anger in and forgive that child; for he or she is so special and one day you might find yourself without your child and wishing they could be in your arms once again. Forgive, cry, love, fight, love, yell, love, embrace love.