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The Country Boy Came Back…For Now…Part 9

                The boy I had really liked finally got my number again and started to talk to me like nothing had changed between us.  Eric told me about his summer and work, and I told him about my summer and my work.  It was casual conversation. It progressed from Facebook to texting,  never really reaching the TELEPHONE level.  He was cute when we talked, I could not wait to see his face when the semester started again.

                Our conversations were very sporadic , I never really knew when the next time he would text me would be, but I never really minded, it was summer and I was having some fun.  We would argue and talk, and laugh and talk, and whatever and talk. I was content with our summer relationship, if one could even call it that. As the semester started to approach, I started getting more and more nervous.  Those stupid questions of is he still going to like me?  Would eventually arise in my mind and then disappear just as fast.

                He did not text me or  call me the day he got in, and I did not really think twice about it; he was moving in, he was busy.  He had been at school for at least a few days and did nothing to contact me. I was starting to question if we were ever going to meet again.  That first day of classes I was walking around, my head held high, and I finally got a text from him: “ Was that you walking in to Building A?”

                “Yes, where are you?”

                “Going to building C.” That was his stupid reply.

                “Oh, well want to meet up? I really want to see  you.” That was me being extremely desperate, how I regret ever replying.

                “Yeah, come here I am going to class at 12:30.” My watch read 12pm. I had half an hour to get to his side and see that beautiful face I had been dreaming of the whole, stupid, freaking, long-ass summer.

                I walked into the computer center, and there he was, Eric.  All of him, not thoughts, no imagination or illusions, it was him; and he was perfect.  We both sort of stared at each other.  He was wearing a flannel red shirt, jeans, and those yellow Timberlands I loved so much.  We stared at each other and then embraced for what seemed like years.

                Gosh, he smelled so good, and there I was, finally, right where I had wanted to be all summer long.  I did not want to let go.  I was melting and I was happy.  Memories can seem so distant sometimes; and this memory is one that I wish I could permanently delete from my mind.  He was so perfect, so great, and so fake; all at the same time.

Till next time.



Finally Told the Annoying Girl to Shove It… I am Back!

I have not written in a while for I have been following my duty of keeping up with stupid classes. I have managed to give no priority to my studies, but to my new found thirst of parties.  I have met people, I have angered people. Yes, I have even made some cry.  I am not proud of my actions, well I mean, I am a little bit proud of a making a girlie cry that totally deserved it; she was being annoying. I know we all just want to tell that one person to shove it sometimes, and I did. Okay, back to me and my new hobbies. I have been partying, check, I have been interacting with the opposite sex, check, I have been attending my classes, check.  I guess instead of just attending classes I need to actually start doing some work too, he he, check.  Most importantly I have changed my major once again to something that is a secret, only for moi, ish.  I will keep telling my story of the country boy, but to tell you the truth I am so over him. I have moved on to better and bigger things.  Well, not exactly.  I am still single, but to be totally fair I no longer believe in all that stupid relationship stuff. Who cares? I do not want a boyfriend, do you? Who needs some guy hanging round 24-7.  I am an independent woman who has a new goal in life, to find happiness.  And let me tell you something I do not need some handsome stranger to do that for me.  All I need is me, myself, and I.  And maybe some Nicholas Sparks novels along the way.  But besides that I have my health, my friends, and my need for adventure.  Which is why I will start writing again, to let you know of all the wonderful, crazy things life has bestowed upon me.  I have laughed, I have cried, and I have laughed some more.  Can’t wait to make more friends.

Till next time.


Ps I love you