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I could not have expressed my feelings any better!!

Hilarity is

Well, today begins Lent for the Christian world.  Time to get lean and mean.  No seriously, low blood sugar makes us cranky.  Lent is the time of year when we attempt to give up vicesbad habits junk food and soda pop in an effort to show others how religious we are better understand Christ’s sacrifice for us (see, I paid attention in Sunday school).

And it’s super difficult.  I mean, yesterday was America’s favorite holiday.  We get together, eat as much as possible until our snack cupboards are empty and the remnants of a dozen pączki are strew about our lips.  Pączki comma, it’s probably top five in best ways to go.

Yet, the next day, we’re supposed to just eat less?  Makes sense, I’m still pretty full.  There’s nothing to eat in the house anyway and I’m too lazy, since I’m still digesting (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with…

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