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                We let go of our beautiful embrace, and I was happy for the first time in months. I could not help but stare at him, memorizing all his features once again.  His eyes, still blue, not that his eyes were supposed to change color or anything.   He smelled amazing and manly, gosh I had been with him for two minutes and was already turned on, he he.  We talked for a little bit, and then he left, “class” he said.  When a guy puts class over you, then you know he does not like you; I had to learn that the hard way.

                Throughout the first couple of weeks of the semester, the only times I had even seen Eric was when I would eventually run into him. He would shoot me the usual, most informative “Hey” text message and that was that. I was starting to get sick of his stupid games, and him not getting on his knees and  telling me he loved me, and all that movie crap. So, I did what any normal girl in that situation would do; I texted the asshole, I mean Eric. “I really like you, do you still like me?”

                I am going to cut it short for you, all in all it took him about an hour of talking for him to tell me, “I like you, but not as a girlfriend.” Ouch, it sucked, I was hurt once again. I felt like all those months of daydreaming during work that summer were wasted and I wanted to die.  So, once again I did what any other girl would do, I went to a party next door to his apartment.

                I got dressed up, jeans, purple crop top, make-up was done, and I had my flirt on.  I knew that once I got  to the party I would see him and he would see me, and we would fall in love, right? Well, before I walked over to the party me and my friends decided to take some shots to take the edge off, and man did I take the edge off. 

                I downed maybe five shotsies and was on my way to get my man back. Maybe I should inform you, I am a light weight, small, and alcohol hits pretty hard, if you get what I am saying.  I was pretty drunk by the time I got there. Someone whistled, I lifted my head up, and there he was, mine for the taking. I gave him a quick smile and walked inside the apartment totally ignoring him. I was cool, let me tell you. Well, I was feeling the alcohol, feeling Eric, and was getting pissed that he was not saying hi to me again. I made some pretty stupid decisions that night!! So, I will give your little party brains a little break.

Till next time.



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