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                I felt so low after that stupid morning, I had finally experienced my first asshole. I felt like I needed a round of applause. “You did it,” “He got you!” I felt embarrassed and used. “I can’t believe you didn’t fuck me last night.” REALLY!! REALLLYYY! Who the fuck says that? Excuse my language. But seriously.  Want to know the worst part, the next day he deleted me off his Facebook!! Hahahahahah.  What a douche. I hate it when boys delete me off their Facebook, like wow your cool we’re no longer friends, you really got me.  The whole concept just really pisses me off.

                Okay, now I have to share something with you, you might hate me and lose respect for me; you should know that I hate me and have lost respect for me too. I am going to do this fast, I texted the stupid asshole and was like “ I am sorry, u probs hate me. We should talk.” Wow, I really had no respect for myself. This guy had screwed me over, and here I was texting him. Want to know the best part, he texted me back and said, “We should go our separate ways.”

                I had gotten screwed twice in one weekend by the asshole, and we did not even have sex.  Well, I guess this is really how my story ends with this guy.  I never really saw him after that, except driving around.  I slowly but surely got my self-confidence back, and am glad that I met Eric. If it was not for him, I would think men were actually nice creatures. If it was not for Eric, I would still think that boys are harmless.

                So, ladies take from a girl with all the experience in the world, not.   Boys are jerks, and even if you think your boy is not a jerk, well, he is.  He will hurt you, and if you think he won’t, think again.  Better yet, we should all just become lesbians, and leave them all to pleasure their asshole selves. Who’s with me!?  Yeah, maybe not.

Till next time.



Comments on: "He Deleted ME Off Facebook…The end.. Part 12" (6)

  1. What a jerk!

    I find it harder to be a lesbian. Imagine if you both have you menstrual cycle together… Oh man that’s a disaster waiting to happen! Lol.

  2. I feel the need to speak up for my gender! We’re okay. You picked a bad one…doesn’t mean we’re all rotten! : )

    • I know, but it’s so much easier to be mad I guess. I just never felt that way, or was treated that way, so I thought I had the right to hate him. But now I am soo glad I met him, because I was able to experience that bad part of life. I bet you are nice ha

      • No, just for the record, I suck. Don’t be fooled.

        Whatever happened to poor Will? I felt bad for him. Somewhere he’s probably got a blog where he’s talking about how much he hates women. haha

      • haha everyone sucks just a little, or else the world would be extremely boring. Will is a whole different story that I think deserves his own little blog;so tomorrow I will post it up. But to give you a little preview, I would not be surprised if he had a blog about hating women out there.

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