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I have not written in a while for I have been following my duty of keeping up with stupid classes. I have managed to give no priority to my studies, but to my new found thirst of parties.  I have met people, I have angered people. Yes, I have even made some cry.  I am not proud of my actions, well I mean, I am a little bit proud of a making a girlie cry that totally deserved it; she was being annoying. I know we all just want to tell that one person to shove it sometimes, and I did. Okay, back to me and my new hobbies. I have been partying, check, I have been interacting with the opposite sex, check, I have been attending my classes, check.  I guess instead of just attending classes I need to actually start doing some work too, he he, check.  Most importantly I have changed my major once again to something that is a secret, only for moi, ish.  I will keep telling my story of the country boy, but to tell you the truth I am so over him. I have moved on to better and bigger things.  Well, not exactly.  I am still single, but to be totally fair I no longer believe in all that stupid relationship stuff. Who cares? I do not want a boyfriend, do you? Who needs some guy hanging round 24-7.  I am an independent woman who has a new goal in life, to find happiness.  And let me tell you something I do not need some handsome stranger to do that for me.  All I need is me, myself, and I.  And maybe some Nicholas Sparks novels along the way.  But besides that I have my health, my friends, and my need for adventure.  Which is why I will start writing again, to let you know of all the wonderful, crazy things life has bestowed upon me.  I have laughed, I have cried, and I have laughed some more.  Can’t wait to make more friends.

Till next time.


Ps I love you


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