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Today I found myself in class daydreaming about the boy sitting next to me.  The weird thing was that he had taken me out before and I had really not found him that attractive. He’s tall and has a cute face but I just never felt that spark.  As I was sitting in class I started to smell him(holy shit I’m weird),  and he smelled delicious.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday I sit next to him and I had never noticed that sweet smell before; my mouth started watering and all I could think about was nibbling on his neck.  I kept thinking of ways to lure him out of the classroom and back to his place.  I kept getting closer and could tell he knew there was something in me that wanted him at the precise moment. He started moving around, I could tell he was getting nervous. I kept touching his hand and legs and would get really close to his neck; damn I just wanted to rip his clothes off.  I did not know what was wrong with me, why was I acting this way? As much as I wanted him I wanted to get out of there and run. And then it hit me, I have to be ovulating because damn I was horny. And now I am sitting here wondering to myself, do I like him? I guess I’ll just have to wait a couple days to find out. Till next time.



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