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                I noticed a hickey on my neck while I was getting ready for work.  As I inspected my neck I started wondering when I got it and why I did not notice it. I texted Eric, “You gave me a hickey ,” and finished putting on my hideous work outfit; it consisted of gray hip hugging pants, followed by a matching button up shirt, yummy, oh and do not forget the visor, I was looking hot! He texted me back saying, “Are you mad honey? I’m coming to visit I wanna see it.”  I smiled, he was coming to visit me.  I no longer cared that I looked like shit every time he saw me at work and just wanted to see his beautiful face. 

            I worked on campus at the cafeteria, my coffee shop was right next to Moe’s, awesome fattening foods for the American population. I saw Eric walk in with his friends and get in line for Moe’s, he waved at me and sat down with his friends.  I waited for him to come say bye to me until I lost all hope when I saw him leave.  I was not mad that he did not say bye to me, I was furious.  WHY THE HELL would he come and not even say hi to me, I just wanted to hit him in the face.  I guess I just did not understand it, so naturally I texted him, “Why didn’t you say bye to me?” His response, “ Sry honey, we just left.”  May I please comment on the amazing conversational skills that males possess; they get right to the point and pretend everything is fine.

            I had never been mad at him before and by the time work was over I had gotten over it.  We were texting when I got home until he stopped responding.  So to get back at him I ignored all his texts for the rest of the night; I know, I know, I am extremely mature.  I texted him the next morning and we talked, we did not get a chance to see each other that day, and the next day, and the next day after that.  I was starting to wonder why he was not making the effort to see me and unfortunately decided to take my problem to my mother; her advice, get rid of him.  Want to know what I did? Yup, I got rid of him.  I told myself I did not like him at all and asked him if he wanted to get breakfast, and did he? Of course not, he was busy.  So I texted him, “This is not going to work out…blah blah blah… I’ll miss you.”

            I felt good after sending that text, I was no longer attached to anything and was done waiting around, if he did not make the time for me, why on earth would I make the time for him?  He texted me back right away and said, “ Is this because we didn’t hang out today?” HELL YEAH AND THE PAST WEEK.  I never responded and he texted once again, notice his inability to pick a phone and call(just saying), “ You are a beautiful girl, you do not deserve to have to wait for anyone, blah blah blah…” I finally gave in and told him I felt ignored and his response, “ Sorry I’ve just been busy.”  Cool, I was done with him and was ready to move on, at least that is what I kept telling myself.

            I did not realize how much I liked the asshole until I got to bed and could not sleep.  I stayed wide awake thinking about him nonstop.  Every part of my body was aching for him to talk to me, to want me back, I regretted every event that took place on that fateful day.  I even cried! I had never cried over a stupid boy before and was hating myself even more.  At three in the morning my phone vibrated, it was Eric.  I breathed in and opened the text message.  Till next time.



Comments on: "Getting Rid Of The WRONG Guy, And Absolutely Hating Myself For It!!!!!! Part 6" (4)

  1. anotherdaysucks said:

    I am suprised it is happening to me as well.

  2. I usually use makeup to cover it up but cold pressing works for hickey.Keep spoon in a freezer and keep it on your hickey for one min.Do it two or three times.

    • haha I am going to for sure try this one out.. I hate it when guys do this and not even tell you. It makes me soo angry!! I can’t wait till I get my next hickey though just to try that out..

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