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Introducing Layla Clark

Nice to meet you!

If you were to see a person on the street talking to themselves, would you think he or she was crazy? I talk to myself more than I talk to anyone on the planet.  The conversations I share with my own self seem never ending and always leave me begging for more. I want to learn about the person who is stuck within my flesh, I want to learn about why she is the way she is. I feel so lost sometimes, wondering through my thoughts and feelings.  I want to know the meaning of disappointment and why it leaves an aching in my stomach. I want to know what is out there, beyond the world people view as reality.  I want to know why there is something in me ready to break free, this hidden knowledge that lies within my flesh, knowledge that will somehow feed me the truth. Truth about what? I do not know, all I know is that I WANT TO KNOW! I am screaming on the inside, there exists a volcano inside my mind ready to erupt and share its insides with me.  I feel it rumbling every day; every time a thought creeps into my  mind, every empty ache I feel in the pit of my stomach.

My problem is that I do not want to find the answer in someone’s else’s thoughts, I want to find them within me. I know there is so much to learn about me and my way of thinking; my way of expressing myself and the way I am around other people.  I am crazy, probably the craziest person I know.  I am no longer afraid of my choices, but ready to share and express my actions.  My journey is so curved and so unexpected that I am always waiting for the next disaster to strike my life and leave me broken; broken so that I may pick up the pieces and start again.  I want to let you know that I am not angry when something unexpected occurs in my life, I always look at it as a learning experience (cliché, I know, but it’s only the truth). Every time I start over I find a piece to my puzzle, and every time I get a new piece I get a centimeter closer to who I really am.  I cannot wait to let you into my life and I hope that you may share parts of your life with me.



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