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Falling for the WRONG Guy…

            It all started in a college classroom.  You walk in, try to find a seat, and wait for the professor to start his lecture; at least that is what every student is expected to do, but expectations are for another day.  I dressed appropriate, trying to look good enough to attract the opposite sex, but not too good that there would be no room for imagination. It was on that first day of second semester that I noticed his buzz cut and plaid shirt.  He was tall, wore jeans, paired off with used Timberlands, his facial features were rough and manly.  I saw him from a distance and immediately knew he was the guy I was going to talk to that semester. He did not let his eyes wonder to me on that day and I did not let it get to me, I stood tall and strong and I knew he would be mine.

            Weeks went by and I took a seat at the back of the class and my life would fill my thoughts.  I grew uninterested and started to try and fit in with the new faces around me.  He sat in the third row and every Tuesday and Thursday I would admire him from my seat, not having enough motivation to make my move.  It was not until I got a C on a test that I made up my mind, I had to move or I would fail the class.  I had justified my movement and was satisfied in my own brain. 

            I would spend extra time each morning trying to look good for this nameless guy.  Some days I would build up the nerve to sit a chair away from him or right behind him. We started making intense eye contact, so I knew things were moving right along. I remember him opening the door for me one day and waiting knowing I was coming, but did he talk to me? Of course not, boys have no balls these days.  I whispered a sweet “thank you” and kept on walking. 

            It was a month till the end of the semester and I knew time was ticking, if I did not talk to him soon I would miss my chance forever. So on that morning I looked as good as I could with the snow outside, meaning I was covered from head to toe.  My hair was done, I even put makeup on my face, and most importantly I was ready in my mind.  I told myself, I would sit next to him and talk to him and there was nothing standing in my way, except my pride, but who cares about those things now-a-days.  I got there, skimmed the room, and he was not there, “damn it” was all I could think.  I was too early, so I picked a seat, sat my early ass down, put my feet up and waited for the class to start.

 It was a mere 5 minutes later that I heard a voice come from my right side, “excuse me,” was all it said.  I put my feet down and watched him pass right in front of  me, sitting one seat away from me.  In that moment the room got hot, I was sweating knowing that my moment was slowly approaching, I would be the one who had to talk to this guy.  I had fed him signs and hints but he was obviously not getting it.  I held my coffee cup firmly in my hand and stared at his Green Amp energy drink, I was so ready to talk, my confidence was at an all high, and I spoke.  I let the words pour out of my mind, like water falling from a waterfall, “Does the Green Amp taste the same as the Green Monster?” He stared right at me, with those piercing gray blue eyes, grabbed his drink and placed it on the seat keeping us an arm’s length from each other. He looked at me and said, “ Take a sip.” Looking back now, I wish I would have thrown that can right at his face. I am not even close to finishing my story, till next time.



Comments on: "Falling for the WRONG Guy…" (7)

  1. Well the first clue should have been that he did not have the courage or the testosterone to talk to you. I can only imagine the rest of the story. BTW talking out loud to yourself can leave people wandering about your sanity and it can also be very annoying like in the library where a guy was continually talking to himself and I had him thrown out. Just thought that you should know.

    • Clues go unnoticed when one refuses to pay attention to them, which became my problem. I tend to keep my conversation with myself pretty normal and not too noticeable. But thanks to your advice, I do not think I will ever talk to myself in a library.

  2. School, gotta love those moments huh? i can’t tell you how many times i wish i had said some things to people that have caught my eyes but never really got around to it, just my opinion though but what was wrong with that guy? here you are giving him all the hints and he didn’t even once catch on? wow!

    • haha, well I am going to go into detail and you will see exactly what was wrong with him (or better said what I believed to be wrong). I promise never to lie about what I say. I also do not want to take away people’s courage to follow their heart.

  3. You have a fantastic writing style that I’m terribly jealous of! I wish I was better at telling a story, I’m not very detailed I guess. I’m looking forward to part two, even though the title portrays a sad ending… You’ll find the right guy eventually. (and he will adore that you talk to yourself).

    • Thank you so much, you kinda give me hope that I will…eventually. But I do not think the ending is sad, because it is not really an ending in my life, but a new beginning. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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