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          His name was Eric.  We talked for a little while before class started, we had thankfully transitioned from the energy drink talk to something a little more sophisticated, our home towns.  Nothing made me fall harder than when he told me he was from a little farm outside of Syracuse.  I had always had a thing for country boys and he was the fantasy I always had in the back of my mind.  I stopped listening after that comment, I knew I liked him. He was a gentleman, he opened the door for me, he was handsome, and a COUNTRY BOY;  It was almost as if god had wrapped him up in a little box just for me. 

            Eric walked me to my next class and we were stalling at the door; I knew he was searching for the right words and I was not going to make it easy for him.  I smiled and he finally looked up and then down at his phone.  He breathed in a nice breath and as he was letting it out said, “Can I have your number? We should do something this weekend if you’re not busy.”  “FINA-FREAKING-LLY” was all I could think.  He grew some balls and was taking actual control of the situation and I was more than happy to share my number with this farmer boy.  We did not hug or exchange any kind of physical contact, a sweet goodbye  and I was left alone in my next class to express my sweet success quietly. 

            I had no service in my next class and kept on wondering when he would call me, would he wait three days or two or one? I had no idea, all I knew was that after my hard work I finally got the attention I was looking for.  After class, I ran outside staring at my phone, internally begging for there to be a text waiting from an unknown number, and oh it was there.  I wanted to be happy, but I felt a little strange inside; he had not even waited an hour to text me, maybe this guy WAS desperate and he was just excited that I was giving HIM some attention.  I put those theories out of mind and started texting him back. 

            Eric visited me at my job the next day and seemed to show a lot of interest in me.  He had asked to take me somewhere on our first date, “a surprise” was all he said about it.  I lied to him and told him that I did not have enough time for his little surprise date that would take a long night; not because I did not want to go, but I had no idea who this guy was, would I really let him take me somewhere I don’t know?  I asked him if he wanted to go to Panera instead(my favorite restaurant of all time) and of course he said yes.  We would leave his “surprise date” for another time.  He picked me up at my house and looked so yummy I just wanted to run off with him and never look back.  He met my mom(I’m in college and live at home, yes it sucks), hugged her, made small talk for five minutes, and we were off in his little old beamer. 

            When we got to Panera I got my usual salad and soup combo and he got some type of sandwich.  We sat at a booth and talked for a good two hours.  Oh god was he charming, seriously all I could think about was just taking him home, but I controlled myself like any other civilized human being.  He loved his mom and grandma and made a point to tell me how much he missed them.  His farm was in the middle of nowhere, underneath a sky filled with stars.  My imagination started to wonder to what my life would be like with this boy, and I fell for my own stupid fantasy.  He was feeding me his bullshit right from the beginning and I was too blind to see it.

            We drove around after the restaurant, I showed him my high school and childhood hangout places.  We did not have anything planned, so we drove and drove.  I finally ran out of places to show him and he decided to take me to the “surprise place” he was talking about before.  He would not give me any clues, so I just sat in my seat, our hands still not touching.  Do you want to know where he took me? Oh I bet you do, he took me to the airport, to watch airplanes land and take off.  How freaking cheesy is that? I do not know, but I know how romantic and hypnotizing it can be.  He said, “My dad use to bring me here when I was little, it’s my favorite place in the world.  I wanted to bring a blanket and sparkling grape juice but this will do.”  I wanted to rip his throat  out for being so darn cute and thoughtful and delicious.  What girl is not supposed to fall for cheesy stuff like that?

            It was cold out and we stood on a little hill holding each other for the first time.  He was strong, broad shoulders with a natural built; I fit perfectly into his arms where I stayed for a disappearing ten minutes till we migrated back to his car.  We talked for another hour, parked underneath the stars, and I could not take it anymore. I changed the subject, “ Do you think it’s trashy to kiss on the first date?”

            “No,” was his reply and all I needed to make my move.  The conversation dissolved pretty quickly and I finally found his lips with my mine. I touched him gently with my fingertips and kissed him with enough intensity to leave him begging for more and then I gently pulled away.  His first words were, “ You’re a really good kisser.” And I smiled, “ Eh you’re not too bad yourself,” followed by a quick, “Just kidding,” after he gave me a sad smile. I am a pretty sarcastic human being, just thought I’d let you know.  He was also a great kisser, he used the perfect amount of tongue and his movements were spotless.  He did not try anything and seemed to respect every part of my body.  We talked for another while until my mom called and I told him it was time for me to leave.

            The drive back was different, he held my hand and we did not talk.  It was like we did not need to talk to know what we felt for each other, it was real; at least that is what I thought.  Till next time.



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